Sinovac is a tiny biotech company from Beijing, China. Once ignored by Wall Street and unknown to the world, Sinovac's COVID-19 vaccine, CoronaVac, is now one of the frontrunners to help free the world from a pandemic. Arriving on Amazon on February 1, this book tells the story of Sinovac's rise.

Conquering COVID: Sinovac, An Unlikely Hero

The Global Rise of a Controversial Chinese Biotech Company

Peter Halesworth, Author and Fund Manager


Peter Halesworth is the Founder and Fund Manager of Heng Ren Partners, a Boston asset management firm investing in Chinese companies. Heng Ren focuses on stocks not researched by Wall Street banks and has engaged several Chinese companies as an activist investor.


Mr. Halesworth is the author of a whitepaper "Chinese 'Squeeze Outs' in American Stock Markets and the Need to Protect U.S. Investors" published in 2016. This paper assessed the regulatory gaps exploited by foreign issuers on U.S. stock exchanges and the consequences for investors in American stock markets.


Mr. Halesworth started Heng Ren in 2013 after a career in international investment banking, which included coverage of China. Heng Ren’s flagship fund received two awards, one for “Best China-Focused Long-Term Active Asset Manager” in 2016 from U.K. finance publisher, Acquisition International.


Mr. Halesworth received his bachelor’s degree from Vassar College with a major in History, and was awarded by Vassar with a Maguire Fellowship in Indonesia. He has four children and lives near Boston.


Meet Peter Halesworth

About Conquering COVID

Sinovac is becoming a household name for a world eagerly awaiting its CoronaVac vaccine to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 300 million doses of Sinovac's vaccine have already been ordered by nations across three continents. While a leader in China in vaccine development, Sinovac is largely unknown internationally. In "Conquering COVID," author Peter Halesworth uses his seven-years experience with Sinovac to provide an in-depth look at the Company, its rough-and-tumble history, and its breakthrough in developing a vaccine that promises to end a global pandemic.

Mark H. Madden, Global Investor

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"Halesworth has spun a classic yarn of Chinese corporate intrigue and misdeeds that is a memorable and entertaining must-read for every international investor.”

Rod Robissa, International Airline Sales Management Professional

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"A compelling read. 'Conquering COVID' reads more like Michael Lewis than Michael Bloomberg. Halesworth takes on the world of vaccines and corporate intrigue in this entertaining and informative work of investigative journalism. A real eye-opener. Highly recommended."

Charlie Jobson, former Hedge Fund Manager & Private Equity Investor

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"A fast-moving and entertaining look at the culture clash between China and Wall Street investors - and the creation of a Chinese COVID vaccine. Peter has given us a behind the scenes tour of ruthless management tactics, boardroom strategies, and short-term investor attention spans. An excellent addition to the COVID-19 story."

What They Are Saying About 
Conquering COVID

Henri Fouda, PhD, Financial Economist and Portfolio Manager

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"Peter Halesworth is giving a vivid preview of the next stage of the epic emergence of China as a world economic power. The book is full of boardroom and C-suite intrigue that overshadow Sinovac's achievements in the lab and on the ground. There is no doubt that China is reclaiming its historical place at the top in the creativity league. The question now is whether managers and administrators are like those in the past, armed with intrigue, who will prevail over dreamers. Halesworth's book is a preview of the next battle in China.”

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